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Note: I am not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. This is a project for VIC 5325: Digital Imagery on the Web as a part of their Master’s in Web Design and Online Communication.

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For this project, we were to build upon our previous project (creating web ads) to design an email to fit with that campaign.

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For this week’s project, you will design an e-mail for the brand campaign you used in Project 11’s banner ad assignment. You are tasked with preparing a holiday promotional e-mail for them.


  1. Create a 620px x 1000px document
  2. Design an e-mail that represents the holiday campaign of your chosen brand. The e-mail must include: a logo, clear call to action, navigational header, at least three images, promotional copy, footer, contact information of the brand, social media icons, unsubscribe link, a way to share the e-mail, link to view in browser
  3. Write a blog post about your e-mail campaign. Include the rationale for the campaign and the image. Make sure to include a disclaimer that this project is for educational purposes and you are not affiliated with the brand.

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If you didn’t get a chance to click on the link above, here are a few samples from Project 11:

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So, the “unifying” elements of the previous project that carried over into this one were:

  • The “Nintendo” Red (or close.. I used #d10012)
  • The opaque snow flakes
  • “Montserrat” – I don’t know if this is the actual font Nintendo used for the Switch branding. I would assume that they made the font in-house and that they have just a really similar font…. I didn’t research it, but I use montserrat a lot at Tabernacle and with proper kerning, its almost an IDENTICAL look.
  • Christmas Carol-esque text

New Ideas

For this project, I tried to expand the color palette a bit. The previous series of ads used a Switch with GRAY joycons (controllers). I wanted to add a bit more visual dynamics to the email by incorporating the NEON joycon colors. When I say neon, I don’t mean safety green. Nintendo calls their red/blue joycon combination the NEON bundle.  Using the eyedropper tool, I tried to grab a good representation of the color. I use these colors in the “Featured & Upcoming Games” section as well as in the footer. I like the color combination on its own, but I feel like it clashes somewhat with the more “serious” red/gray/white of Project 11.

I also added a very subtle gradient and stroke to the very top pre-header bar, the nav bar, and the footer bar.


Ok… so, let me shoot straight here. I’m a pretty busy guy. Its easter season at church which means I’m already maxed out as far as time and engergy go. I’ve stayed up past midnight most nights working on some stuff for church and some stuff for another class, Principles of Web Design. I tend to get these assignments/posts up at the very last minute, minutes before they are due (or minutes after they are due, as my grade would reveal). Upon looking at this again, here are a few tweaks I’d make

  • Use smaller text for “tell a friend” and “view in browser”
  • I’d leave the “DOCK THE HALLS” where it is, but push the rest of that block (image, paragraph, and button), as one group, down some to create similar padding between “dock the halls” and the next section “featured and upcoming games”
  • I’d likely ditch the NEON colors, or tweak them to be more bold
  • Bring the footer block up some to remove the additional padding under the “new and upcoming games” grid.
  • Decrease the fonts size of the footer and use the new space (from the item above) to give the text some breathing room.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the design. After a few tweaks, I would feel comfortable giving it the “Jeff” seal of approval.



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