I have been doing art-related things for as long as I can remember. Although I only owned 3 comic books in my life, I absolutely loved drawing superheroes and cartoon characters. As I moved into Junior High and Highschool, along with sports and shop classes, I took any Art elective I could. During my later High School years, I began branching out into areas: music (playing guitar, bass, and drums) and photography.

After High school, along with marrying my awesome wife, I began working as a second-shooter for a wedding photographer. This was a great opportunity for a 20-year old and was the foundation of many skills that I still use today.

Over the years, I've done many different things. Feeling a call to pastoral ministry as a child, I studied Religion at East Texas Baptist University and graduated with a BA in Religion in 2010. I spent almost 7 years as a Student Pastor and in 2015, my role transitioned to "Media and Communications Pastor." In this role, I have the opportunity to merge my calling and my passion.

Today, I'm 33 years old. My wife Sarah and I have been married for 13 years. We have two or three kiddos depending on the season. Colin is 10 and Carley is 7, but we are also foster parents, currently with a 4-year old girl in our home who we hope to adopt in early 2018.

There are three elements that every creative endeavor
needs to succeed - clarity, simplicity, and
good design.

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