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Creating The Bones for Now and Later

The word “font” is sort of misleading when it comes to the letters and bones. What the pack really is, is a collection of .jpg images and a big .psd file with a folder for every letter. Lucky for me, the creator of the pack based his letters around an available font, CUBANO.

Sure, I needed to spell out the word “LIES” for the main graphic, but I also knew I wanted to do something with the x-ray effect on top of the fluorescent lights. For the video, I decided I’d have a black background with white text on top with a phrase that sounds good, but does not line up with scripture. Then, the phrase would be “hit” with the light, and expose the truth, so I knew I had 3-4 phrases to create. It was time consuming, but here was the process.

1. Place every letter needed onto(into) the photoshop document. – This became pretty tedious. I grabbed every letter I needed and threw them all in the document in the same place. This allowed me to put all the individual letter files in a group behind the actual font. Then, I resized the entire group of images (letters), to match the actual font. Because I resized every letter at once, they were each the same size…and it kept me from having to resize each letter individually. Then I drug each letter to its proper spot behind the letters

2. Remove overlap from each letter. – Because the letters were so close to each other, and because my “bone” font was a collection of jpgs, their individual canvases overlapped onto the next letter. So, using the rectangular marquee tool (rectangle select), I drew a box as close to the letter as possible, inverted my selection, pressed delete, and moved on to the next letter.

3. Apply a mask to the bone letter group using the actual cubano font text. – If this is confusing, let me briefly explain. All my “bones” were in a folder. I manually aligned each letter in the previous 2 steps. On a separate layer was a text layer containing the CUBANO font in the same size. I control-clicked on the thumbnail, and it selected the text itself (marching ants around the words), then used this selection to create a mask…In less words, using 2 clicks I removed everything but the words in the foldered bone-font.

I repeated this process 3 times.