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Note: I am not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. This is a project for VIC 5325: Digital Imagery on the Web as a part of their Master’s in Web Design and Online Communication.

For this project, our goal was to create a series of holiday web ads for a popular brand. We were given specific sizes to design as well as the task to create an animated GIF. I had been looking for a Nintendo Switch and, behold… I found one yesterday. Happy birthday to me!

So, I decided to do an ad for the Nintendo Switch. After throwing around a few ideas, At first, I thought about doing something like “SWITCH TO THE RED SIDE.” The big console makers all have a “color.” Xbox is green. Playstation is Blue. And Nintendo is Red. In the end, I thought that this sounded too much like Star Wars and didn’t fit with the holiday theme. After some thought, I decided on a Christmas carol theme, slightly changing the names of the carols to match the switch. This is the bulk of my concept for the Switch Ads.

For each ad, I used the Nintendo Red as my base. I then used a vector snowflake and duplicated it in a pattern. I was able to find some transparent PNG product images, so once I had my concept, building the ads was a pretty straightforward process. I’d love to share more in writing, but it is about 2:30am and I have a busy day tomorrow (or… today I mean). I haven’t even played my switch yet!?