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The Project

For this assignment, we created an ad campaign to run on Social Media to highlight a spring break vacation package.

  1. Create 3 cover images for Facebook — these should be individually designed with key differences in features (i.e. don’t just change the background color etc.) Design to correct size.
  2. Create 1 Twitter cover photo option. Design to correct size.
  3. Create: a logo-esque image with a spring feel you could “overlay” on pictures as a Snapchat geofilter. (This is a transparent overlay, so make sure to save the file in the proper format)
  4. Label and organize your layers
  5. Write a blog post about your campaign, company and what you hope to accomplish. Include a disclaimer that this is for educational purposes only and that you are not affiliated with the brand.
  6. Submit .PSD files(s) and 5 .jpgs (3 Facebook Cover Photos, 1 Twitter, 1 Snapchat geofilter)


Why I Chose This Direction

I’m from Texas. A LOT of people go to the beach on Spring Break… It’s actually quite nuts from what I hear (I’ve never been). My thought was to do a sort of humerous set of ads that showed people in miserable situations they might be stuck in. These are what I thought of:

  • Somebody stuck in the cold weather
  • Somebody stuck in their desk
  • Somebody stuck at a grumpy aunt’s house.

The Elements

I decided to do a color shape set as a mulitply layer as the base for my content section. After deciding that this place would focus on BEACH vacations, I came up with the green wave. Also, as a agency that deals with beaches, I needed to create a quick company logo, so threw together the little brand “VoyageSouth” 

I knew I needed a unifying look or color or something. I played around with MANY different ideas. The original plan was to use all different color schemes. As I worked on these designs, I kept changing ideas. In the end, I used the same fonts and colors but changed the color of the main question. I initially tried to match these to an element in each image, but that didn’t happen.



For this one, I designed a fourth image rather than manipulate a former one to fit twitter.


For this one, I designed a fourth image rather than manipulate a former one to fit twitter.

What I would Do Differently

In looking at these images, if I were to do it again, I’d change the question text to use the same color on EACH image. I’d also use a different type of layer style. I used an opaque MULTIPLY layer, but with the images being different, the colors rendered differently from each other.

I’m also not a huge fan of the snapchat geofilter. The wave crashing in the middle of the frame isn’t exactly what I had planned.