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The Assignment

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating an infographic. It needed to be AT LEAST 800 wide by 1000 tall. My final submission ended up quite a bit taller than that. We were given a choice of creating an infographic over Florida facts, tiger facts, or banana facts. Out of all those things, bananas are probably my favorite. Sorry, Florida and tigers… I eat a banana about every day.

Design Considerations

I like using yellow in my color palettes. I really had no idea how this assignment was going to take shape. First, I started browsing the site we were given to get our facts ( At first, I wanted to do a grocery store look. I played around with some brown paper backgrounds, but realized that this would be too dark. I settled with a thick cardstock texture file. Then, I got to work looking for vector images to use. I pulled most of my images from

The Files


There were a few more images that I created in Illustrator. Primarily, the main banana image. As I began building the assignment, I settled on a color scheme, fonts, and styling. Every image is outlined in a dark brown. When it looked good, the vectors were given a color pop of yellow. Then, I tried to very subtly separate each block by adding a mostly transparent white box around to the block’s background.

The Final Submission