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Colors and Layout

The first thing that I did for this project was to decide what layout, colors, and style I was going to use. I decided I wanted a 3-column “quick and easy” layout. This is a little trick I learned in my Layout and Design Class. A Quick and Easy layout is essentially a really big and bold image with 3 columns of text underneath.

Here were the colors I chose along with the featured image:

Creating the Logo

The next step was to create a basic logo. I did not purposefully seek out a “hipster” style logo. I wanted to go with a vintage badge for a logo. For this project, I just made up a company. I honestly don’t know if I was supposed to do this or use a real company’s logo… Either way, I started out with a grayish geometric logo using “Moonshiner” font. Here was the first draft:

The Logo & BG Texture

I really wanted the logo design to be trendy, and I think I pulled that off. You can also see from this image some of the background texture I used. I “borrowed” quite a few things from previous projects. The background was actually taken from a typography assignment not posted here. I also borrowed colors from a final project from last year’s “Layout and Design” Project.

The Menu / Fonts / Content

For the rest of the text, I used one of my favorite fonts, Oliver. Oliver is an interesting font. Although it looks really trendy and fun, I really find it to be a niche font.  It only works with trendy hand-drawn designs. 

The rest of the content was Montserrat, in bold and light. 

Putting it All Together

The last few things I did was to make my logo white and overlay it on the image. I’m also a little proud of the “Kopi Luwak” featured item. I have the privilege to know a few people who work in Indonesia. One of them runs a farm where they harvest Kopi Luwak coffee. What is Kopi Luwak? It is essentially “Cat Poop Coffee.” Well… almost… There is a smaller cat-like animal that lives in Sumatra is called the “Asian Palm Civet.” These animals love to eat coffee beans. They digest it and poop out coffee beans. Farmers then go around collecting it. They thoroughly wash and roast it. This coffee can cost anywhere from $75 to $150 for a half-pound bag. I have access to the source and can get it for a crazy cheap price. Anyway… here is my final product: