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Project Description

This was an assignment for Digital Imagery in Web Design. We were asked to create a menu for a restaurant.

Imagine you’re a graphic designer for one of your favorite restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee houses, etc. Design a graphic that captures the aesthetic and essence of the business. You must include at least four sections of text (ex. appetizers, dinners, sides, desserts, etc.). Each section should have a clear heading, subheadings for menu items, prices and a brief description of the menu items. You must use at least three different fonts that work well together. 

Project Details

Client n/a – UF Assignment
Date 02/05/2017
Skills Layout, Typography
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Final Product

he last few things I did was to make my logo white and overlay it on the image. I’m also a little proud of the “Kopi Luwak” featured item. I have the privilege to know a few people who work in Indonesia. One of them runs a farm where they harvest Kopi Luwak coffee. What is Kopi Luwak? It is essentially “Cat Poop Coffee.” Well… almost… There is a smaller cat-like animal that lives in Sumatra is called the “Asian Palm Civet.” These animals love to eat coffee beans. They digest it and poop out coffee beans. Farmers then go around collecting it. They thoroughly wash and roast it. This coffee can cost anywhere from $75 to $150 for a half-pound bag. I have access to the source and can get it for a crazy cheap price. Anyway… here is my final product:

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