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Choose Joy Sermon Series

Project Description

I became the official “Media and Communications Pastor” at Tabernacle in October 2015. But, before my role shifted solely to media & communications, I was the student pastor who also did much of the design work at the church. After the success of our “He is Greater” series, I became the unofficial official design guy.

Project Details

Client Tabernacle
Date January 2015
Skills Photography, Videography

Real Flowers

I spent a few days playing around with different ideas. I decided that I wanted to build a nice contrast with a barren ground and flowers on top. The flowers would spell out the word “Joy” against the bleak background. Instead of drawing or rendering the words in Photoshop or CGI, I decided to literally make them out of flowers.

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Bumper: Choose Joy

The last piece of my process for a sermon package is typically the bumper video… the 30 second – 2-minute video that plays before the message. We use these for a variety of reasons (they act as transitions, they help set the tone, they introduce new topics). For this video, I pretty much used the background I created, but totally desaturated it.

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