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Exposing Light with Lies – Sermon Series

Project Description

In this sermon series artwork, I wanted to attempt to make the text the main element. I achieved this through manipulating a font and a series of x-ray images. 

Project Details

Client Tabernacle 
Date 03/11/2017
Skills Image manipulation

Starting with a concept

I used to do a lot of drawing, sketching, and painting. I don’t really do much of this anymore, but when starting a project from scratch, one of my favorite things to do is just try to come up with a few concepts. I try to sketch quickly and try to avoid searching for “inspiration” (read: stealing) before the sketching starts. I also try not to limit myself to things that are possible with my skills or comfortable. It’s much more freeing to approach it thinking “how can I pull this off this concept,” instead of limiting yourself from the start.

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The "Bones" Concept

1. Place every letter needed onto(into) the photoshop document. – This became pretty tedious. I grabbed every letter I needed and threw them all in the document in the same place. This allowed me to put all the individual letter files in a group behind the actual font. Then, I resized the entire group of images (letters), to match the actual font. Because I resized every letter at once, they were each the same size…and it kept me from having to resize each letter individually. Then I drug each letter to its proper spot behind the letters

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Final Bumper

Using AfterEffects and Premiere, I blended footage of flickering fluorescent tube lights with my custom text. I also used some ‘scrambling’ effects within premiere with the video.

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