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Fellowship of the Ring – Book Cover Redesign

Project Description

For this project, we were asked to re-create a book cover from one of our favorite books. Now, I’ll admit, a few of my interests are typically classified as “nerdy.” I have no problem with this. One of the things that falls under the “nerd” umbrella is my love for Lord of the Rings.

Project Details

Client Tabernacle 
Date 01/31/2017
Skills Photography, Videography

Final Product

In the Fellowship of the Ring, the story hasn’t got that heavy yet. A young and innocent band of Hobbits leaves the Shire to embark on a quest to take a ring from point A (The Shire) to point B (Rivendell, almost the ‘headquarters’ for the good guys and home of many Elves). They quickly discover there is a danger, the Ring Wraiths, in hot pursuit. They are searching for this ring and are willing to do anything to get it back. They are attacked, and Frodo is almost killed. He is rushed to Rivendell.

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