When God lets us in on His work

In a few of our videos and sometimes in Tabernacle Talk we’ll say: “Come to God just as you are, but don’t expect he will leave you that way.” When we are genuinely seeking to honor God and glorify Him through our lives, we are bringing Him glory. When we gather as a Tabernacle Family on Sundays, this is especially true.

Sometimes during our worship times, our hearts and minds are so far from Him, it takes us a while to get to the point where we are actually worshiping Him. We walk in with so many things on our minds that we miss the reason for worship. We are so distracted, we don’t allow ourselves to actually sing TO God. We don’t stop enough to hear from His word.

“Remember, God CAN use us, but He doesn’t NEED us.”
– Bob Kauflin

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.This can easily happen to the staff and worship team. A great worship theologian, Bob Kauflin tells worship leaders, “Remember, God CAN use us, but He doesn’t NEED us.” God is gracious and patient. Yes, He can use the worship team but he can also move DESPITE our attitudes.

“The Holy Spirit has a strange affinity for the prepared mind.”
– Dr. Jeph Holloway

I had a professor in college who would often say “The Holy Spirit has a strange affinity for the prepared mind.” What he meant, was that… Yes… God can work in our lives and bless efforts when we stumble into something. But, when we are prepared and ready, we are less distracted by the actual task. We are more effective. We are more likely to hear from God and respond to him accordingly.


As a staff member, I looked out this weekend at all our members and was blown away by all the people who were not just here, but who were prepared!

  • Our First Impressions team ROCKING at making people feel welcome
  • Our Cross Team putting their safety on the line to hoist a giant cross
  • Our Children’s and Preschool workers meeting families with love and Easter eggs
  • Our Choir joyfully singing to God
  • Our Worship Team locked in and leading from the heart
  • Our staff meeting needs
  • Our members engaged in hospitality and worship
  • Our Tech crew dealing with SO MANY wrenches and new things thrown at them at the last minute
  • Our Pastor leading God’s church with integrity and truth

I can confidently say that God not only blessed the efforts of the many PREPARED people this Sunday, but he also received SO MUCH GLORY! On behalf of the staff, I want to say thank you. Thank you for serving. Thank you for being available. Thank you for being PREPARED! 

Sunday was an incredible day of worship for me. I needed that joy and encouragement. I was glad to be reminded of how good God is and how blessed I am to be a part of this Tabernacle Family!