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This is the first part of a multi-part series. Read Part 2 Here. You can read Part 3 here.

This week, I am wrapping up a sermon series graphics and video package for Tabernacle. The series starts this Sunday, February 5th, so I’ve gotta get this thing finished. It’s pretty close.

Why Blocks?

We want to make our Groups and LifeGroups a big priority in 2017. As a staff, we have been refining our Groups and LifeGroups strategy for a few years. The groups we currently do have are going very well, but we want the groups to not only grow but to have their four main purposes in mind when they meet: Transformation, Multiplication, Care, and Service.

Before I was involved in the sermon planning process, our pastor had already established that he wanted the imagery to be LEGOs. Immediately, I knew I wanted to have fun on social media. I thought it would be perfect for some of the staff, or at least the pastor, to do a Lego Challenge… that is… walk on legos on video. We filmed the video last week and made it a promotional video to show that Sunday.

The Promo Video / The Lego Walk

We wanted this to be attention-grabbing. We also wanted it to be informative. So I set to work trying to make something dramatic. I set up a scene in our KidsTown Worship area on their stage. I pulled a rug from a classroom to put the legos on.

The Setup and Equipment

I used a 2 point light setup, using my trusty iKan Corp Mylo LED panels. The primary camera was a 7D with a 24-105/4L on a tripod. My second camera was a 70D with the little EFS 24/2.8 STM pancake lens on a DJI Ronin M Gimbal. For audio, I used the wireless Rode Filmmaker Kit.

I pressed record and filmed myself pouring Legos on the rug.


[video_player id=”1aa140f0ee04c352e7f6389becae1d19″ url=”” width=”800px” video_ratio=”16_9″ placement=”center” image=”” custom_class=”” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”4a8b5bc32f561b6f29912e208e2768a3″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/video_player]