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“Hey, Jeff. We have this lunch after church tomorrow. Can we get it in the bulletin or the announcement video tomorrow?”

My job title at Tabernacle is Pastor of Media & Communications. In my two and a half years in this role, I’ve grown and learned a ton. Most of this growth (and my attention) has been focused on the media side. This has meant that coming up with a solid plan for communications hasn’t been a priority. It also means that I sometimes get asked to do impossible or highly stressful things for the sake of an event or ministry.

In 2018, I’m making a decision to outsource and purchase more graphics so I can turn my attention to the ever-growing black hole that is our Communications Strategy.

Our Strategy has been: No Real Strategy.

Each time we’ve tried to implement a communications strategy, I’ve approached it only half-heartedly. Any communication “rules” were immediately bent or ignored altogether. This isn’t really anybody’s fault besides mine.

Our New Strategy: Develop One.

As I said above, this year strengthening our communication strategy is going to receive a lot of attention. I’m going to embark on a multi-step process to firm up our communication strategy. The first step is trying to get a grasp on the major events for each ministry. This will help me make a year at a glance calendar.

This simple document is the most basic thing I can do to start wrapping my head around successful promotions in 2018. Do you have any sort of system like this? If not, let me offer you mine as a freebie. If you found this helpful, drop me an email.