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SEO & Marketing Proposal: The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches

August 8th, 2018




This project was a semester-long project for MMC5427 – Research Methods in Digital Communication. We were asked to select a small business/non-profit/organization to work with for the entire semester. The final report produced by this project would serve to provide our client with recommendations to improve their web presence, including recommendations for their SEO, Analytics, website design, etc. 

We chose the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches

The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches is a not-for-profit political and public affairs organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida that strives to unite the community’s civic, business and political leaders through conversational dialogue led by national thought leaders. The non-partisan organization began in 1976 with President Jimmy Carter serving as the inaugural speaker to the then 200-member organization that met in a local restaurant. Over 40 years later, the Forum Club has grown to be the largest organization of its kind in the state.

Part 1: The Situation Analysis

The first part of the project was to come up with a Situation Analysis.  The purpose of this was to understand and document the client’s needs before making recommendations. After interviewing th Sarah Ewell, the Forum Club’s Executive Director, we began to put together the Situation Analysis. It included:


  • The origins of the Forum Club, its actual demographics, and mission
  • The Forum Club’s goals and role in its community
  • The target demographic information and trends in this public space
  • Comparison to its competition
  • Evaluating the SERPs (Search Engine Results Placement) and keyword information
  • A website critique
  • A summary of the current marketing strategy
  • A study of current SEO implementation
  • A SWOT Analysis
  • Index / Reference material (Screenshots, metrics, etc.)

The result was a comprehensive, 18 page document that can be downloaded below: 


Part 2: SEO & Marketing Proposal

The second part of the project was to come up with a SEO & Marketing Proposal. This included a summarized version of the Situation Analysis along with proposals for increasing the effectiveness of the Forum Club’s marketing efforts through all digital channels including social media and how they could leverage Search Engine Optimization to increase their reach. This document included:


  • A Synopsis of the Situation Analysis
  • A recommendation for general marketing strategy and direction
  • Search campaign and analytics goals including shortcomings and areas of potential success
  • Campaign goals for the website based on Google Analytics information
  • Suggestions for increasing Organic SEO reach (including web content, keyword strategy, and sample implementations)
  • Social media campaign suggestions
  • A Google Adword Strategy
  • Predict results of implementation.

Like the Situation Analysis, the result of this phase was a 29 page report. You can download the final report here:



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